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Call to Professionalise Care Workers and Boost Recruitment

The National Association of Care and Support Workers (NACAS) and Institute of Health and Social Care Management (IHSCM) are calling for the immediate professionalisation of the care industry through the development of a voluntary register for paid carers much like the NMC and other health and social care colleagues.

Both organisations have combined forces to address the emerging need for professionalising the Care industry and the Care workforce within England in a bid to improve recruitment, and retention and raise the profile of the profession.

Care is in Crisis … care providers are struggling with a recruitment crisis, and unable to accept any more residents or take on new clients. New team members are not entering the profession as they believe they will not be valued within their role.

The recent CQC’s ‘State of Care” report highlights the need for a registration process for care workers, just like Doctors, Nurses and other Health Care professionals. Just as they do in other devolved nations but currently not in England.

For employers, it will mean attracting and retaining team members from an early age into a profession of choice and the ability to offer a career path.

For the Social Care Workforce, it means professional and public recognition, value and integrity with the prospect of a vocation for life.

For the public, it offers professional governance, bringing much-needed reassurance to those in receipt of care and their families that additional checks are taking place on those providing care.

Liz Blacklock, Director of Operations at NACAS. says “The Health and Social Care workforce works tirelessly to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in our society yet are some of the most underpaid and under-recognised roles.

It’s time for a fundamental change in the industry. The population is ageing and the need for professional care services will only keep growing. This is an indisputable fact. We need social care to be the best it can be.”

Such a register could include and support training passports, quicker and safer recruitment, paid job trials, and much more.

“We urgently need people working within the industry and those who receive Care and Support to complete a short consultation for the proposed register…it’s here at and will take just 3 minutes.

The Consultation closes on 30th November 2022 following which it will be analysed, and results reported.”





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