Call For Social Care To Feature In Queen’s Speech

mike-padghamCare providers are calling on the Government to include a radical action plan to save social care in todays Queen’s Speech.

The Independent Care Group, which represents care providers, says 1.4m people who aren’t getting the care they need deserve some action.

The group’s chair, Mike Padgham said: “Here is an opportunity to tell the country what this Government plans to do about the social care scandal that is blighting this country.

“When he took office, Boris Johnson pledged to fix the crisis in social care “once and for all” and in his conference speech last week he again promised to “solve the problem of social care and end the injustice that means people have to sell their home to pay for their old age”.

“The Queen’s Speech provides the perfect opportunity for Boris Johnson to show that he is different from all previous prime ministers and to set out some radical new plans for social care, rather than just kicking it further and further down the road.”

The Group is angry that the proposed Green Paper on social care has been delayed again and again.

“The 1.4m people who can get the help they need to get out of bed, have a meal, find a care home or enjoy any sort of quality of life deserve some news to give them hope on Monday,” Mr Padgham added