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Burgess Hill Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday

Residents and staff at Forest View care home in Burgess Hill, West Sussex have celebrated a 100th birthday.

Kitty Norris grew up in Walworth, South London, and was the eldest of 11 children. She took on the role of second mum to the rest of her family in her early years by helping out to make ends meet by singing to passersby for pennies.

While working at a gas mantles factory during the Second World War, she met her husband and got married when she was 21.

She later gave birth to her son, Bob, who now lives locally to Forest View care home. Visiting often, Bob joined in with the birthday celebrations for his now 100-year-old mother.

Mrs Norris is also partial to a song and dance as she often recalls her favorite song, ‘Bobby’s girl’, which reminds her of her son who she dedicated so much of her life to looking after.

Karen Russell, manager of Forest View – which is operated by Shaw healthcare – said:

“Despite only being five-foot tall, Kitty is a big personality and great friend to residents and staff alike. We’re delighted to have celebrated her 100th birthday with her loved ones.”

The celebrations included a visit from Southway Junior School Choir, who sang to Kitty and gifted her handmade cards.