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Bromley Care Home Resident Reunited with her Sisters After Four Years

Sundridge Court Nursing Home in Bromley was filled with tears of joy and heartfelt laughter as the long-awaited reunion of three sisters took place.

On 22nd May, resident Kathleen Russel was reunited with her sisters Pat and Margaret after a separation of four years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other health reasons.

The event, organised by Kathleen’s nieces Kath and Janice, gave the sisters the chance to reminisce about their childhood which they spent dancing and making clothes together, with Kathleen saying “it was the best day of my life being able to hold my sisters’ hands and enjoy the company of my family.”

The team at Aria Care’s Sundridge Court put on a tea party with cake and sandwiches and plenty of tea for the family and are already looking forward to getting together again for the home’s Summer BBQ in July.

Kathleen Taylor, Kathleen’s niece praised the team at the home by saying, “many thanks to you all at Sundridge for the support and the warm welcome (as usual), it really means a lot to us! You will appreciate it was a very emotional reunion, especially for Aunt Kath and Pat, who haven’t seen each other since before lockdown. It was great to see Aunt Kath so happy.”




















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