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Brendoncare Stildon Residents Chatting To Ten-Year-Old Lily

Brendoncare Stildon residents, Maureen, Barbara and Jennifer, have been delighted to receive surprise video calls from ten-year-old Lily Read.

Lily Read lives in Winchester and attends Compton All Saints Primary School. She is a cub in the 5th Winchester pack. She said: “I hope Maureen really enjoyed chatting to me. I felt a bit nervous at the start as I wasn’t sure what to say but once I met Maureen and started chatting I felt more relaxed! Maureen told me that she likes to eat meat just like me and that she enjoyed her days at school and wore a navy blue uniform! I felt happy after I’d chatted to Maureen as it was lovely to meet her! I can’t wait to chat to her again and meet some of the other residents too!”

“I really enjoy being creative and creating models using recycled boxes. I also love to sketch and paint and will be sending some of creations to my new friends at the care home.”

Barbara, a resident at Brendoncare Stildon, said: “It was such a pleasure chatting with Lily. She really made my day. I don’t know her personally but she had a lovely clear voice. We chatted about our school days and so much has changed over the years!”

Another resident Jennifer said: “What a super girl Lily is, I would love to speak with her again soon.”

Annie Burisky, Brendoncare Stildon General Manager, commented: “I cannot thank Lily enough for chatting with Maureen, Barbara and Jennifer. They had lots of stories to share and the smiles on their faces after chatting were so lovely to see. Lily brings such joy – she is like a breath of fresh air.”

The benefits of intergenerational communication between residents and children is so apparent. It brings a sense of well-being to all concerned. They have lots of stories to share between the generations.