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Bereaved Salford Families Provide £10,000 Boost For Broughton House

Bereaved families in Salford have helped to raise £10,000 for Broughton House Veteran Care Village.

The money has been raised through a charitable scheme operated by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM), of which Salford Council Bereavement Services is a member.

Under the scheme, with the consent of the family of the deceased, metal from medical implants is recycled after cremation and members of the scheme nominate charities which support and care for local people.

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett said: “The money raised will be used to go to Broughton House – a truly fantastic local charity which provides invaluable care and support to veterans.

“The process of recycling the left-over metals is done with great dignity and with the wishes of family members of the deceased. We have been part of the scheme for some years now, and have made several donations to local charities over these years totalling over £50,000.

“We are extremely grateful that, at a time of grief, families have allowed us to help others.”

Broughton House chief executive Karen Miller said: “The support of Salford Bereavement Services, particularly during these challenging times, is greatly appreciated and we are delighted to receive this fantastic donation.

“It will really make a huge difference. Donations such as this enable us to continue to care for and support veterans in both our care village and the local community. We are extremely grateful to Salford Bereavement Services for their kindness and generous assistance.”