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Bampton Care Home Residents are Whisked Away for a Champagne Vintage Bus Tour

Residents from a care home in Bampton were recently treated to a champagne vintage bus tour extravaganza around beautiful West Oxfordshire.

Thirteen very lucky Rosebank care home residents and staff enjoyed a drive out in the autumn sunshine earlier this month when a local man volunteered his time to take the residents out for a spin in his vintage bus.

Local gentleman, Mr. Patrick Edwards, was kind enough to volunteer his time and chauffeur residents on a fun filled tour of West Oxfordshire in his 1949 vintage bus, as well as offering the refreshments, including champagne.

Rosebank Care Home Resident, Susan Foster, said: “It was great to be driven around at this time of year and so interesting to see all the things we take for granted around Oxfordshire, thank you to our amazing lifestyle support team for arranging this!”

Residents particularly enjoyed seeing how the trees had changed seasons and were reminiscing about trips to the local cinema back in their youth on similar buses.

Everyone on the bus enjoyed singing along to; “It’s a long way to Tipperary” amongst other show tunes.

Rosebank care homeowner, Jane Roberts, commented: “It is fabulous to see that all of the residents and staff involved in the bus tour had such an amazing time. Patrick was kind enough to treat our residents to such an exciting experience and we always encourage activities that encourage reminiscence, as well as getting out and about in the community.”

“Here at Rosebank, our values are centred around residents having a sense of purpose, to live well, and to find enjoyment in everything they do. This is supported by ensuring residents have choice every day, on how they want to spend their time, and with whom.”

Vanessa Lavender, Rosebank care home manager commented: “It was especially nice to see the residents socialising with each other and enjoying the tour of Bampton. We are very lucky to live in such a lovely place!”