Alzheimer’s Research UK is Chosen Charity for James Dyson Foundation

alzheimersAlzheimer’s Research UK and the James Dyson Foundation, Dyson’s charitable arm, have launched a new charity partnership that will see staff at engineering firm Dyson use their inventiveness to raise funds for pioneering dementia research. The partnership will see Dyson’s 3,000 UK employees – based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire – support the UK’s leading dementia research charity with a range of fundraising challenges.

As well as its strong focus on design and engineering education, the James Dyson Foundation also supports medical and scientific research. Alzheimer’s Research UK was selected as the Dyson’s chosen charity after a staff vote and as part of the partnership, employees from the company’s UK headquarters will be challenged to raise money for dementia research through a variety of fundraising endeavours. At the same time, the James Dyson Foundation will match fund every single £1 collected through staff fundraising, doubling the company’s total donation.

Sir James Dyson said:

“Dyson engineers can spend years developing a product – which may not ever make it out of the door! We know that significant breakthroughs require long-term, high quality research. A partnership between Alzheimer’s Research UK and the James Dyson Foundation made absolute sense.”

Miranda Johnson, Head of Corporate and Community Partnerships at Alzheimer’s Research UK, said:

“We’re thrilled to have the support of the James Dyson Foundation and Dyson’s staff – we know their employees are a creative group and we look forward to seeing them in action over the coming months. Money raised through the partnership will help provide crucial resources for our scientists, bringing new treatments, improved diagnosis and preventions for dementia closer.

“Dyson is well-known for embracing innovation in research and that pioneering spirit is vital for dementia research too. Dementia is arguably our greatest medical challenge: with over 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK, including nearly 7,000 in Wiltshire alone, we still lack treatments that can stop diseases like Alzheimer’s in their tracks. Alzheimer’s Research UK’s scientists are working tirelessly to defeat dementia, but we rely on donations to be able to fund our research. It’s thanks to people like the staff at Dyson that we’re able to continue our vital work.”