Alpacas Midnight Prince And Oliver Charm Care Home Residents

TWO alpacas casually ‘checked in’ to a Sherborne care home before taking a tour of the residents’ rooms and lounges.

Oliver, aged four, and 15-month-old Midnight Prince, visited the residents and staff at Colten Care’s Abbey View.

They were brought to the home by Shaftsbury-based Alpaca Adventure.

Their owner Wendy Williams helped residents pet and feed the animals, and also explained their origins, their living habits and the many uses for their prized fiber (fur).

Clinical Lead Gill Holland, said: “It’s not every day you see a couple of alpacas in the lift, but what fun it has been.

“The visit has been a huge success with everyone at Abbey View.

“Oliver and Prince were so well behaved and the residents were captivated by their huge eyes, super soft fur and lovely temperament.

“Some even asked if we could have one at Abbey View, but as Wendy explained, Alpacas like to live in groups of at least three!”

Alpacas originate from the Altiplano in west-central South America, spanning the borders of Peru, Chile and Bolivia. They are one of the camelid species, closely related to the llama.