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Adventure with Dementia

As experts in the provision of specialist dementia training and consultancy to health and care sector providers and with over 50 years of insight into the needs and challenges faced by people living with dementia, we have developed an innovative approach to help care providers deliver a structured and measurable pathway to service excellence.

Adventure with Dementia provide an easy to use dementia care quality improvement programme which identifies priority areas using their SEE ME Values Framework.

SEE ME has been developed to engage teams to make informed assessments and set realistic and achievable actions for themselves, through a team responsibility approach.

The SEE ME Cycle generates a programme for continuous and sustained improvement including an independent observation study by Adventure with Dementia.

Our creative approach to learning offers a series of one day programmes to explore the key aspects of life we all take for granted and which require more attention and focus when experiencing dementia. The benefits to well being, relationships and outcome of meaningful purpose and contribution to every day life, can all be found within our different approach classes.

Using the latest in design and technology to improve the lives of people living with dementia, our expertise in the transformation of both old and new environments can support you to create a balance of interaction and calm to reflect and appreciate the challenges experienced by individuals with dementia.

Real life experiences can be emulated and developed in a meaningful and engaging way to provide constant and appropriate stimulation, interaction and occupation thus promoting well being every day.

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