Abbotswood Court Promotes Healthy Lifestyle Choices Among The Elderly

-To promote healthy lifestyle choices amongst its elderly residents, Abbotswood Court is providing an eclectic mix of events for Nutrition and Hydration Week

Abbotswood Court is marking Nutrition and Hydration Week with a program of events aimed at raising awareness about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, especially for those aged 80+. Nutrition and Hydration week is a national campaign celebrated between 12th and 18th of March.  Its mission is to create a movement that will reinforce nutrition and hydration as a vital part of quality care and safety improvement in social care settings.

A lack of good nutrition and hydration behaviours is raising serious problems among Britain’s elder population. According to the British Nutrition Foundation, the average daily energy intakes for older adults are below the estimated requirements. Also, it has been found that an increasing number of the elderly have vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Addressing this concerning statistic, Abbotswood Court are doing their part to help buck the national trend by hosting a series of informative events as part of Nutrition and Hydration Week. This includes welcoming residents and families to a Nutrition and Hydration Week Global Tea Party on 15th March.  The luxury care home in Romsey will be joining fellow organisations across the globe by serving afternoon tea on the day as a chance to bring families and residents together to discuss the importance of improving nutritional care.

Gemma Ridout-Bowden, General Manager of Abbotswood, said:

“We are delighted to be taking part in this national campaign and doing our part in raising awareness about the importance of nutrition, especially for those in their elder years. It will be a great week where the Abbotswood carers, residents, families and friends will come together and receive expert advice to aid their health and wellbeing.”