A Poem Of Positivity From Residents At Morris Care’s Oldbury Grange Nursing Home

As care residents now find themselves isolated from the family’s Oldbury Grange nursing home rally together to keep spirits up with a Mothering Sunday poem!

“To protect our home from covid-19

We can only see loved ones on a computer screen

We are not isolated we are surrounded by staff

Who care for our needs with a smile and a laugh

Mothering Sunday is at the weekend

So this message to loved ones we wish to send

Although we are isolating from covid-19

We have access to FaceTime so we can be seen

We are being looked after by wonderful staff

Who care for our needs with a smile and a laugh

They all pull together whatever their roles

There is plenty of food and toilet rolls!

So we just want to send you a hug and a kiss

To all of our families who we dearly miss”















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