£3 Million Boost To Develop Social Care Managers

3millionAdult social care’s 21,200 registered managers and their deputies are in line to benefit from £3 million through the Workforce Development Fund (WDF) that’s specifically earmarked for the development of the skills and knowledge they need to lead high quality services.

It’s the first time targeted WDF funding has been offered specifically to develop managers and deputies, via Skills for Care who invest it on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care.

The £3 million fund recognises that supporting the development of new managers and deputies and the continuous professional development of existing managers is essential for services to deliver the quality of care needed.

Skills for Care’s research shows that at least 10,000 registered managers will retire over the next 15 years, so the £3 million fund is also designed to support organisations to get their succession planning right.

With vacancy rates for registered managers currently running at 11.8%, the support on offer for succession planning will help the growing sector meet current and future demand.

“We’ve been talking to registered managers through our local registered manager networks and engaging through our membership scheme and other initiatives. They’ve been telling us loud and clear that they really need this support,” says Skills for Care Interim CEO Andy Tilden.

“We also know the impact on managers who do too much due to not having deputies and team leads to share the workload. We’ve made a clear case that this is a role that’s often isolated, so needed targeted backing from the Workforce Development Fund. I’m delighted we’ve been successful in now being able to offer this very significant pot of money. All the data shows when you have an outstanding registered manager then people can access high quality services in their communities.”

As well as targeted backing for managers, the WDF is now open to any adult social care employer in England to support the continuing professional development of their staff at all levels, offering funding for a wide range of qualifications and learning programmes. This year also includes enhanced funding for the completion of apprenticeships standards.







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