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26 Care Residents Take to the Ice to Celebrate “Make Your Dream Come True Day”

A group of 26 care residents from a Surrey-based care home group, have taken to the ice in their wheelchairs to celebrate national ‘Make Your Dream Come True Day’.

On Monday 13th January 2020, the group of 26 – who were all aged between 35 and 96 years old – made the trip to Guildford Spectrum’s ice rink where they spent the afternoon slipping and sliding on the ice in their wheelchairs thanks to the efforts of staff from CHD Living, a care home group which provides care services across Surrey.

With multiple residents having expressed a desire to go ice skating again whilst reminiscing about skating in their youth during the festive period, the team at CHD Living decided to organise a special day out for them to relive their younger days. The group, which also included two residents on end of life care, an amputee and a 35 year old recovering from a serious brain injury, wrapped up warm to enjoy turns on the rink alongside their carers.

Shaleeza Hasham, Head of Hospitality & Communications for CHD Living, said: “At CHD Living we believe providing exceptional care to our residents is incredibly important, however we also feel delivering life experience is just as essential. Socialisation, keeping residents active and stimulated, as well as giving them the opportunity to meet new people whilst not being confined to the four walls of their homes is imperative in ensuring our residents continue to live their lives to the fullest.

What’s been really great about today is that it wasn’t just our CHD Living residents skating – they were amongst the local community of Guildford. There were children, professionals, and people here just for fun, all ice skating and having a wonderful time together. The day brought so much joy and happiness to our residents and I think they’re going to remember it for a very, very long time.”

Speaking of her day on the ice, The Summers resident Rosie Livinia Kirkin (88) said: ““I used to ice skate in Richmond when I was in my 20s, so to come here brings back lovely memories and takes me back to my young days. I love the feeling of freedom that skating gives you and I’d like to thank CHD Living for organising such a special day out for us.”

Sue Spicer, wife of resident Lewis (91) who has been receiving care at Brownscombe House since having his leg amputated, added: “It was fantastic to see Lewis on the ice today. He looked absolutely free, which he hasn’t in a while since becoming an amputee. Experiences like this mean so much to the residents because they stimulate them and, although they often can’t talk, the memories stay with them and draw them into life. Lewis will always remember today and will definitely want to do it again”.

CHD Living chose Guildford Spectrum especially for this group activity as they allow people with disabilities to access the ice rink via their wheelchairs, ensuring that every resident was able to take part, while Guildford Spectrum kindly provided the tickets on a complimentary basis.

Shaleeza Hasham, concluding, said: “We’d like to say a huge thanks to the Guildford Spectrum, who have been wonderful hosts. We’ve all had a fantastic day and look forward to making more of our residents’ dreams come true in the future!”