£1k Raised By A Team Full Of Fortitude

After 18 challenging months for the social sector, a group of dementia care workers from Wellington, Somerset, and families of people living with dementia have combined their efforts to take on a whole different challenge and raised £1,000 in sponsorship money. 

Richard Dempslake, who organised the team representing Camelot House and Lodge in Wellington, said: “Being there for each other has been what enabled us to get through some very tough times in 2020 and 2021 – we’re honestly a team full of fortitude. 

“It’s been pretty relentless so we thought taking part in a Tough Mudder would provide a welcome distraction, and since the preparation and the event itself are all about team-work it meant that we could really play to our strengths. 

“We did a 5K course with 13 obstacles – all different challenges – and we had to endure crawling and running in mud, going under cold muddy water, climbing height structures.  

“It took a lot of nerve to complete all, but we did it as a team. 

“We raised over £1,000 which we’re going to divide between the Alzheimer’s Society and the activities fund for residents of Camelot House and Lodge.” 

Members of the 10-strong team representing Camelot House and Lodge were: activities co-ordinator Richard Dempslake, activities assistant Sophie Carter, admin assistant Paul Dempslake, finance manager Fiona Chesterton, Karen Kerslake and the Odgers family – Dawn, Alex, Robyn and Jess and Will Sun.   

Dawn Odgers and her family took part on behalf of Dawn’s mum, Karen Whiteway, who is a resident at Camelot House. 

Dawn said: “My mum has lived at Camelot for three years now and we have peace of mind knowing she is cared for in such a fantastic way, so raising money is our pleasure helping to give a little something back 

“This period of Covid has been very difficult, especially when we weren’t allowed to visit Mum, but it was always reassuring to know her safety and wellbeing would be a priority for her care team. 

“It’s been great doing the Tough Mudder with Richard and the rest of the team – although fun is maybe not the right word! Always up for a challenge though, and thanks to him for organising it.”