101st Birthday Celebrations For WW2 Veteran Moyra – Cake, Entertainer And Happy Surprises

At Friends of the Elderly’s Bernard Sunley care home in Woking, Surrey, the care team has been celebrating Moyra Webber’s milestone 101st Birthday with cake, gifts, cards and a birthday treat performance from one of Moyra’s favourite entertainers Daniel Brewerton. However, Moyra’s special day was made even more perfect with a magical surprise visit. Alongside her family visiting to help with the celebrations, Moyra’s daughter Sue flew in from Australia for her Mum’s momentous day.

Moyra, who has been a resident at Bernard Sunley for five years, grew up in Barry, South Wales – a destination made famous by the BBC TV’s Gavin & Stacey series.

Moyra had an interesting career during World War Two as an Officer in the ATS (Women’s British Army).

Moyra said: “Working for the SIS during World War II was an intense job. I had to be totally focused and concentrate on the messages I was listening to. Knowing I was doing my part for the war effort was very important to me. I was, and still am, honoured that I helped with such important work for my country.”

Andy Cumper, the Manager at Bernard Sunley said: “Moyra is a lovely lady who always has a smile for me when we talk. When she turned 100-years-old last year, it was lovely to be able to share in her landmark day with her family. This year it has been extremely special and heart-warming for her to have her daughter fly over from Australia to join us in celebrating her 101st birthday.”

Moyra continued: “I have had a really wonderful 101st birthday, it’s been a lovely day. I didn’t think anything could top my 100th birthday, but seeing my family, having Sue here from Australia, watching Daniel Brewerton’s performance and being spoilt by all the Bernard Sunley carers, it’s been a day to remember.

“The other day I was asked what was my secret to a long and happy life? I really don’t have one, it just happened, but I’m so grateful for everyone that has come into my life, I’m very blessed.”






















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