Your Care Rating 2017/18 – Survey Results Released

Results of the 2017/18 Your Care Rating surveys continue to paint a positive picture of life in participating residential care homes across the UK.

Your Care Rating extends to two audiences: residents living in care homes, surveyed annually since 2012, and their family members and friends, surveyed annually since 2015. In the 2017/18 surveys, responses were received from 16,784 care home residents (representing a 40.5% response rate), and 12,068 family members and friends of residents (a 48% response rate).

The average care home Overall Performance Rating (OPR) in the Residents’ survey is 878 out of 1,000, and the equivalent average OPR achieved in the Family & Friends’ survey is 836. These composite scores are driven by the positive results achieved across comparable measures rated in each of the two surveys.

Nearly all residents responding to the survey (98%), and over nine in ten family members and friends (94%) are satisfied with the overall standard of the care home. Ninety-two percent of residents agree that overall, they are happy living in the care home, and nine in ten family members and friends (90%) agree the care home seems a happy place to live.

Views relating to the care given by staff are extremely positive. Nearly all residents (98%) agree that staff treat them with kindness, dignity and respect – this figure is 97% among family members and friends. Ninety-four percent of residents agree that staff understand them as an individual, and 91% agree staff are sensitive to how they are feeling. Residents are somewhat less likely to agree that staff have time to talk time them (86% say this), and this pattern is mirrored in the responses given by family members and friends (74% agree staff have time to talk to their relative or friend).

  • Results for individual care home are published at yourcarerating.org/survey-results/

Overall, 25 care home providers participated in the Your Care Rating Residents’ survey in 2017/18. A total of 16,784 residents took part in the survey across 820 homes. The survey was conducted from early September to late October 2017, followed by a series of validation checks. The survey uses a postal self-completion methodology, with packs of questionnaires and freepost return envelopes sent to care homes. All responses to the survey are processed by Ipsos MORI.
Overall, 15 care home providers participated in the Your Care Rating Family & Friends’ survey in 2017/18, covering 686 homes and with 12,068 responses. The survey was conducted between October and November 2017 and used a mixed postal and online methodology.
Results are shown for all valid responses (excluding blank responses to questions) and are based on analysis of data for individual care homes receiving five or more responses, excluding those removed from the data following the validation stage of the Residents’ survey.

  • For further information on the methodology and how results are calculated, visit http://www.yourcarerating.org/survey-results/