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York Care Home Couple Show Love Has No Age Limit As They Mark Wedding Anniversary

Two residents at RMBI Care Co. Home Connaught Court, in Fulford, York, recently celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary. Ninety-three-year-old Brian, and 100 year old Marie Thackray received a bouquet of flowers and well wishes from fellow residents, staff members and loved ones. They enjoyed a celebration at the Home with a bottle of sherry.

When asked about their love story, they both clearly remember how it all began.

Marie was originally from Cornwall, while Brian was from Malton, North Yorkshire. They met back in May 1995, at Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire when they were both on holiday. They were both widowed and hit it off from the beginning, and Brian gave Marie his phone number, in case she wanted to send him a Christmas card.

The following week Brian, still very taken with Marie, went down to St Austell, Cornwall to visit her and on the seventh day they had known each other, he asked Marie to marry him.

Remembering the proposal, Brian asked Marie: “Will you marry me? I don’t know where, and I don’t know when.”

Marie replied with: “Why not?!”

They got married just five months later, first in St Austell Registry Office on September 5th 1995, followed by a blessing in Old Malton. Marie was 72 years old, and Brian was 64 years old.

Brian says: “We have had a wonderful life together. Age doesn’t stop you falling in love! We get on so well and avoid controversial subjects!”

Marie says: “We never have a cross word, we are easy going, good company to each other and have plenty in common! It’s lovely to look after each other, and be together.”

Fran Tagg, one of the Activities Coordinators at Connaught Court, said: “Brian and Marie are a lovely committed couple, it is obvious how much they love each other! They are a great example of a happy marriage, and it just shows it’s never too late to meet your soulmate! We are thrilled to share their anniversary with them both!”