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Wippet For Care

Wippet For Care is the simplest and most versatile way to procure everything you need for your care home. Wippet is your gateway to fair prices from known and trusted suppliers.

Wippet is not a supplier, we have sourced many different suppliers onto our platform. Any healthcare business, small or large, can buy from Wippet.

At Wippet, our purpose is to provide fair market prices to all care operators. So, we have pre-negotiated prices from known and trusted suppliers to the care sector giving instant savings across your purchases.

Our platform and 3 unique services, designed by care procurement specialists, Club, Partner and Fuse are adaptable to the smallest and largest care operators.

– All suppliers routinely, independently checked and vetted.
– Care procurement specialists negotiating with suppliers on behalf of our customers.
– Bolt-on functionality and additional services as you need them.
– More than 50 suppliers and 50,000 products and services already available.
– One login, one basket, one invoice.

Wippet Club
Wippet Club is our core service offer, we provide the power and technology to make extraordinary prices accessible to all our registered and approved customers. Our ongoing commitment to work with suppliers negotiating fair prices for you is what we do best.

Wippet Partner
Through Wippet Partner you will turbo-charge your procurement with support from our care procurement experts as and when you need it. From simple benchmarking, via our range of suppliers and partner affiliations, to multiple category tenders. Using the Wippet platform technology to manage your procurement projects more efficiently allowing you to focus more time on other areas of your business.

Wippet Fuse
Wippet Fuse is the simplest, yet most powerful, purchasing platform for care. Take your procurement to the next level with powerful technology that brings you P2P functionality at a fraction of the cost.

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