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Why Using A Machine To Clean Bedpans Is Better Than Manual Cleaning

The greater the number of tasks you carry out by hand, the higher the risk of contamination with germs. From moving a bedpan, emptying it, and storing it, everything argues in favour of machine cleaning for bedpans wherever they are used.

Risks of contamination – a direct comparison
The risk of contamination is present wherever a bedpan is handled, whether that is during its transport, emptying or storage. The greater the number of tasks that are carried out by hand, the higher the risk.

Not so with a bedpan washer-disinfector from MEIKO! The machine empties the contents of the bedpan automatically, hygienically, and safely into the appliance only after you close the door. This is important because bodily fluids carry high levels of infectious substances, so it requires an extreme level of care and attention and the highest safety standards in disposing of them.
Bedpan washer-disinfectors

Packed with tremendously powerful technology, MEIKO washer-disinfectors aim to eliminate the risk of infections stemming from hospital dirty utility rooms.

• Patented, cutting-edge technology provides the guaranteed hygiene standards that patients expect
• No steam can escape from the machine, so care staff have the reassurance of a safe working environment
• Fast cleaning and disinfection process thanks to short wash cycles (built-in steam generator/water tank)
• Maximum flexibility due to freely selectable A0 value (60, 600, 3,000) and multifunctional holder concept
• Efficient reprocessing thanks to multi-purpose racks and holders for different care utensils
• Safer and more hygienic thanks to air drying and cooling with filtered air and disinfection of all the water-carrying lines in the system to prevent recontamination
• Responsible management of the disinfection process is easy thanks to the temperature sensors and data analysis by the control software

Meiko washer-disinfectors are available from 24 NRG Group with multiple purchase options and the chance to try before you buy.

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