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Wellingborough Care Home Receives Award From Local Care Committee

After being nominated by a member of the local community for all of their hard work and dedication during the pandemic, Colleagues at HC-One’s Acacia Lodge care home in Wellingborough won an award from their local Irthlingborough Care Committee.

Originally named the Irthlingborough Tuberculosis Care Committee, it was one in eight of such committees in Northamptonshire, set up to help Tuberculosis patients all those years ago, when the only cure was bed rest, fresh air and good food.

With no benefit system in place at that time and little to no sick pay, good food was hard to come by. As Tuberculosis became less of an issue in society, the committee started helping people with different illnesses and was funded then, as it is now, by donations.

During the pandemic, the committee has helped lots of people in Irthlingborough and, as the home has done also, the committee wanted to reward the home for all the work they had done too. On 7th April, the home received their reward along with some lovely chocolates and cards of congratulations.

Simona Antone, Acacia Home Manager said ” The chocolates have really raised staff spirits. It was a boost to staff morale to think that the local community recognised all of our hard work here at Acacia Lodge and all other homes during this pandemic.”