Welcome To ‘Remembrance Way’ At Coventry Care Home

Colleagues and Residents at HC One’s Brandon House care home have gone the extra mile to transform their main corridor in ‘Remembrance Way’.

The Colleagues at the Coventry care home came up with the idea of changing the whole appearance of the upstairs corridor into an outdoor street.

Residents started helping out by choosing a colour for their very own ‘front door’.

One Resident commented: “I love my blue door, it even helps me find my way to my bedroom.”

The newly created ‘street’ gives a real feel of walking along their own community at Brandon House, which includes a street clock, community notice board and even hearing sounds of birds singing.

Another Resident said: “It’s just like walking along our very own street!”

The street even has its very own Post Office, situated at the end of the ‘road’ for Residents to write out letters to loved ones or send postcards. What Post Office isn’t complete without some sweet treats to be able to pick up too? This one has it all!

Home manager, Sheryl Davis, said: “It’s something we have wanted to do for a while. It makes the corridor feel like Residents own little community and much more homely.”












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