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Washing Machines for Residential Care Homes

MAG Laundry Equipment, the award-winning supplier of commercial washing machines and tumble dryers, takes pride in its extensive support to over 10,000 care homes nationwide. Maintaining clean laundry and bedding is of utmost importance for care homes, hospices, nursing homes, hospitals, and various healthcare organisations. MAG

Laundry Equipment’s nationwide team of accredited engineers has successfully served thousands of care homes with their products, services, information, and support.

MAG’s comprehensive product range encompasses commercial washing machines, tumble dryers, ironers, presses and detergents. With quality products dating back to 1922, MAG has continuously developed and enhanced its equipment, making them some of the most reliable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective machines in the market. Care homes benefit from the peace of mind that their laundry machines can be promptly maintained and repaired, as MAG Laundry Equipment supplies, installs, and services equipment across England, Scotland, and Wales. For those seeking high-quality wash results capable of removing stubborn stains, MAG is the go-to choice. Their washing machines for nursing homes feature complete thermal disinfection as standard.

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