Veterans At Sunrise Of Winchester Receive ‘Forget You Not’ Gift Boxes

Sunrise of Winchester hosted a presentation on 3rd December to give ex-servicemen and women living at the care home The Not Forgotten’s ‘Forget You Not’ gift boxes.

The Not Forgotten Association is a British Armed Forces registered charity for ex-armed forces personnel throughout the UK. The charity aims to combat isolation and loneliness in the armed forces community.

The Covid-19 pandemic meant many veterans did not have the chance to properly celebrate the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII. The Not Forgotten Association therefore arranged for many former veterans to receive ‘Forget You Not’ gift boxes, as a token of appreciation for their service.

The team at Sunrise of Winchester organised a socially distanced ceremony for the veterans living at the care home. At this ceremony, they handed out the ‘Forget You Not’ boxes they had organised for delivery to Sunrise of Winchester, and the residents were touched to receive them.

George Brown was a resident at Sunrise of Winchester. He very sadly passed away recently. When he received his gift box, George said:

“I feel very touched to receive this special gift in recognition for my service, it is a really nice idea to say thank you to all the veterans who served in WWII”.

The veterans at Sunrise of Winchester wore their medals and badges, and a bingo game was organised using their individual service numbers.

Paul Cooper, Community Relations at Sunrise of Winchester, said:

“This was a wonderful way to celebrate our amazing ex-servicemen and women at Sunrise of Winchester. We were all touched when they all remembered their service numbers in the game of bingo!”

Residents at Sunrise of Winchester who received the boxes included:

Cliff Grant
12 June 1926
Glider Pilot Regiment
1944 –1948

Derek Hatton
27 October 1920
RAF Groundcrew
1942 – 1945

Dorothy Flynn
19 May 1923
RAF Accounts
1941 – 1946

George Brown
17 February 1925
Gloucestershire Hussars and 12th Lancers
1943 – 1965

Goronwy Evans
12 April 1925
Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm
1943 – 1946

Joan White
1 May 1918
Women’s Land Army
1941 – 1943

Hannah Livesey
3 May 1924
Admiralty in Lancashire

Eileen Jones
7 March 1923
Army on an RAF base in East Anglia
1942 – 1946

Anna Gradidge
11 April 1927
Civilian in the war office













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