Urgent Call For COVID Sufferers To Volunteer For Unique Genetic Research Study

Scientists working on a ground-breaking COVID-19 research study are urgently calling for more carers who caught the virus to volunteer to sign up and help.

The unique GenOMICC COVID-19 Study analyses the genes of people who have had the virus to discover why some experienced mild or no symptoms while others became extremely ill and needed hospital treatment. The study is already contributing to the fight again COVID, with preliminary results helping identify possible new treatments.

However, for the study to continue to make progress the scientists urgently need to recruit at least 2,500 more volunteers and are appealing to carers who had the virus mildly to sign up to the study.

“We’re issuing an urgent appeal for more carers – and in particular for men and people from ethnic minorities – to come forward and register as soon as possible,” explains Dr Kenneth Baillie, the study’s Chief Investigator.

“The quicker this research can be completed, the faster we can solve the COVID puzzle and protect vulnerable people,” said Professor Sir Mark Caulfied, Chief Scientist at Genomics England. “Genetic research into COVID-19 is now playing an increasingly important role in our fight against the virus, enabling us to identify new forms of the virus and develop treatments.

“The findings from the GenOMICC COVID-19 Study will improve the treatment, care and outcome for those most at risk, as well as helping to prioritise future vaccinationsnd lower the number of deaths.”

The research study is open to anyone who tested positive to COVID but experienced mild or no symptoms and didn’t require hospital treatment. Volunteers can register online and arrange for a blood sample to be taken by a nurse at their home or book an appointment at a local collection centre.



















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