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Unusual Visitors for Ashcombe House Care home

Barchester’s Ashcombe House care home, in Worting Road, were amazed, educated and inspired with a visit from some unusual creatures along with ranger Ben from Zoolab.

Zoolab specialises in bringing reptiles and small animals into a safe environment, while its trained staff educate about the different species with plenty of interesting facts. Animal assisted therapy is recognised as an occupational therapy within psychology, suggesting animals bring people together. The trained rangers can see the positive impact these encounters can have, making people’s lives better.

Residents at Ashcombe were pleasantly surprised to meet Giant African land snail Gary, tree frogs, Corn snakes and stick insects to name just a few. They had the opportunity to hold the creatures and ask questions.

Deputy Manager Bianca Garcia said: “Our residents and staff have all really enjoyed their unusual visitor’s today. There’s nothing more unusual for the residents than snakes, millipedes and tree frogs, they surprised me with how brave they all are!”

Resident Gwen Lloyd who was one of the bravest residents handling every creepy crawly. said: “There’s nothing to be scared of, they are only tiny, look how big we are, they won’t hurt you.”





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