Ukip Health Spokesman Louise Bours Calls For More Dementia Research

News that one in three babies born this year will one day suffer from dementia vindicates Ukip’s general election pledge to invest more heavily in Alzheimer’s disease research.

The party’s published manifesto had included a promise to spend an extra £130 million a year investigating dementia.

New analysis by Alzheimer’s Research UK says Britain is facing a national crisis over dementia, with a third of babies born this year expected to develop the condition .

It’s thought 27% of boys born in 2015 will develop dementia and 37% of girls.

Ukip spokesman Louise Bours said: “As people are living longer it means a greater number of us risk developing dementia.

“This is a dreadful disease which robs far too many people of their final years and causes heartbreak for families.

“This distressing and debilitating condition is the leading cause of death among women over 55 and the fifth biggest killer of men.

“We recognised this by suggesting Britain should drastically increase research and treatment of dementia with an extra £130 million a year.

“It’s quite clear that as our population grows and lives longer, more people risk suffering from dementia and in practical terms that will mean more money spent on caring for those suffering.

“It is also disgraceful that such a huge issue is still to this day left largely to unpaid and untrained carers to attend to.

“David Cameron should look at this as a matter of urgency as dementia is the ticking time-bomb that may soon be affecting every family in the country.”







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