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UK Care Workers Are Feeling Happier Than 12 Months Ago Survey Reveals

Despite the ongoing challenges facing the sector, those working in care are happier than they were 12 months ago, according to new data from work platform, Deputy.

Between January and June this year, care workers shared how they felt after their shift. This revealed the sentiment of employees who together gave more than 26,000 responses.

The number of care workers who recorded feeling ‘amazing’ or ‘good’ in 2023 has increased by 13% compared to the same period last year, with a combined 64% feeling this way compared to 51% last year:

Amazing     Good      OK     Frustrated     Stressed
Care workers in 2022             23%         28%      42%         3%               4%

Care workers in 2023             26%         38%      30%         2%               4%

Jon Wilson, SVP at Deputy, said: “Our Shift Worker Happiness Index highlights the resilience of workers in the care industry. We know just how tough conditions have been for those working in the sector over the last few years and we’re really impressed by the improvements our customers have been making to really look after their staff and to make sure they feel valued. From the data on our platform we know that some care employers have been looking for ways to improve flexibility and conditions for their staff. In some cases introducing six hour shifts as well as 12 hour shifts.”

Deputy’s data also highlighted a significant improvement in the advanced planning of shifts in the care industry over the past 12 months. Between January and June 2022 and the same period this year, the average number of days’ notice care workers were given of their shifts moved from 21.5 days to 28 days.

Jon Wilson said: “We know that a lack of forward planning can be incredibly stressful for shift workers. Especially for those who need to plan childcare for their shifts or people who work multiple jobs. These are really good indicators that positive changes are being made in the UK care industry to prioritise the welfare of team members. Leading with compassion and embracing a culture of well-being is absolutely vital to creating a thriving workplace.”