Two Liverpool Care Homes Faced With Closure To Remain Open Until Spring

Two Liverpool care homes that were due to close at the end of October will are to stay open until at least spring 2021

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson confirmed to a full council meeting this evening that he had reached a deal with operator Shaw Healthcare to keep the Millvina and Brushwood care homes open into next year.

Liverpool City Council revealed it was “actively looking” at proposals to save the Brushwood and Millvina care homes which existing operator Shaw healthcare said it would have to close following “significant and unsustainable losses”.

Shaw healthcare has agreed to remain in place delivering care until spring next year, or until a new provider takes over, whichever is sooner.

The council is continuing discussions with a range of interested parties. Shaw is among the parties who have been invited to submit proposals to ensure the continued operation of the homes.

Mike Smith, Chief Operating Officer for Shaw healthcare, commented: “We are extremely pleased about Liverpool Council’s decision to use Shaw healthcare to extend operating the Liverpool services. The kind feedback from the loved ones of those who receive care at Millvina and Brushwood has been a pleasure to read and it has always been our desire to deliver care in the city for the long term.

“The set of circumstances that poses the risk of closure is faced by Liverpool Council and Shaw. Any decisions around the future of the services are discussed based on the viability of success of the mutually agreed contract. It is our hope that we continue to deliver care as long as the employees, relatives and people of Liverpool want us there.”



















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