Time To Cherish Our Greatest Resource

Care England wants to ensure the wellbeing of adult social care staff as they are our biggest resource. The report published today by IPPR, Fit for Carers, for example reflects on the implications the Covid-19 crisis has had upon the of wellbeing of the social care workforce.

Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England, says:

“If there is one thing that this dreadful pandemic has shown us it is that the social care workforce is our greatest resource. We must learn from this and train, resource and cherish the workforce accordingly”.

There is a need to recognise the efforts of health and care professionals as a whole nation. These are the heroes on the frontline leading the fight against Covid-19. Care England is acutely aware of the sacrifices that the adult social care workforce has made during this pandemic, consequently we are working tirelessly to ensure that these efforts are reflected through instituted policies and gestures from central Government. An unhealthy care workforce will not be able to manage the health of the population, we must strive to protect the workforce that protects us.

Members of Care England are implementing overarching wellbeing strategies to ensure the physical and mental health of their staff. For example: 24/7 telephone counselling; specialist guidance around financial, wellbeing and lifestyle topics; specific guidance on health and wellbeing as well as home learning, remote line management and technology and wellbeing toolkits.

Martin Green continues:

“An important legacy of this crisis must be securing the status of social care as one on equal to the NHS. Never again must social care be the underdog. Social care must retain its rightful status which will therefore necessitate adequate resourcing, funding and status”.