There’s Still Time To Get Involved!

It’s not too late to be involved in Care Home Open Day 2018.

Tomorrow, 21st April marks this year’s Care Home Open Day and care homes are encouraged to celebrate connections with their local communities to celebrate. Over 2,500 care homes took part in 2017.

This year’s theme is Linking Communities and hopes to create lasting links between care homes and their communities. Held for the first time on a weekend, we hope this will allow more people to step through the threshold of their local care home and discover the warmth and laughter waiting within.

Care Home Open Day Seeks to:

Improve links with the local community

By opening doors to the local community care homes were able to show all the positive things happening at care homes day-in and day-out. MPs and other local dignitaries, GPs, schools and churches, and the local press, artists and volunteers, relatives and friends.

Challenge misconceptions associated with care homes

We know that the best care homes are open and transparent places – the open day lets people from the community judge for themselves.

Enrich the lives of people living in care homes

Those living in care homes deserve to be involved in special events, and feel included with things that are happening outside of their care home.

Recognise the work of carers

The best care requires dedication and commitment – day-in and day-out! Care Home Open Day is an opportunity for visitors to see the important impact which carers have on a daily basis.

Accentuate the positives

Care Home Open Day demonstrates the creativity and imagination present in care settings. Being part of a national/international event boosts morale and creates a sense of togetherness. The atmosphere on the day was full of excitement with something to get people talking for days to come.

Encourage volunteering

People living in care homes get real enjoyment from visits from those in the local community. Visitors are able to see what a difference they could make by offering a small amount of their time, and get a feel for working in the sector.

So, get on board, visit







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