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The Oaks Care Home Encourages Intergenerational Connections through Reading Sessions with Reaside School

The Oaks Care Home in Rubery has welcomed children from Reaside School, to take part in making some intergenerational connections and enjoy reading, and wellness sessions together.

Recognising the value of intergenerational interactions, The Oaks has collaborated with teachers at Reaside School to create a unique connection that brings together residents and young students. The aim is to promote literacy, social engagement, and understanding between different generations.

The reading sessions will take place every month and continuing throughout the academic year. A small group of students from Reaside School visit The Oaks for each session, where they will have the opportunity to read books together, share stories, and engage in conversation with the residents. These sessions provide a platform for meaningful interactions, fostering respect, and a sense of community across generations.

The Oaks strongly believes that intergenerational activities have numerous benefits for both seniors and students. The residents of the care home benefit from increased mental stimulation, companionship, and a sense of purpose, while the students can gain valuable life lessons, empathy, and an understanding of aging and the challenges faced by older adults.

In addition to the reading sessions, The Oaks plans to organise various other activities and events throughout the year, such as arts and crafts sessions, gardening projects, and Christmas celebrations.

The Oaks and Reaside School are excited about the positive impact this program will have on the lives of residents and students. They hope to inspire other care homes and schools in the community to consider similar intergenerational initiatives, creating a network of support and connection for seniors and students alike.