The EU – Should We Stay or Should We Go?

eupollIt is very likely the most important decision for a generation. The European Union – Should Britain stay or should we leave? The debate is dominating our lives, we are bombarded with information and misinformation, we get to see, hear and read the good the bad and the ugly!

But what will a Brexit mean for Social Care? We heard at the weekend from NHS Chief Executive Simon Stevens say that a vote to leave would be very dangerous for the NHS, causing severe staffing problems and a huge hike in the cost of drugs. On the opposite side of the argument Brexit campaigners believe that the money saved in contributions could build 38 new hospitals each year.

In the lead up to June 23 we will continue to publish articles we receive from industry leaders and observers. However, we would take this opportunity to invite you to vote in our exclusive The Carer poll. Let’s see what the industry itself says – you the front line operator! Should we stay or should we go?

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