Technology Is The Answer To Better Care, Say Four In Five UK Adults

80% of UK adults believe that technology should be able to make care more efficient and effective, according to new research from everyLIFE Technologies – the health and care software developer.

77% of UK adults have concerns about the quality of formal care received by those receiving care today, and cite healthcare as the sector that can most benefit from better technology systems (36%), ahead of education (11%), transport (9%), law and order (9%) and utilities (5%).

Given technological advances, the overwhelming majority would want to be well cared for in the comfort of their own home (82%) in the future. They also desire a good relationship with their care worker (87%), for their family to trust their care provider (86%) and to receive a care service that enables real-time feedback on care notes (82%).

Paul Barry, Executive Chairman of everyLIFE commented, “Customers demand real-time feedback and transparency in each and every service they consume, and the care market can no longer afford to be left behind. We understand that supporting an increasingly ageing population is a real concern for many, but there is now an opportunity to work more efficiently towards delivering the best level of service possible to those who need it. Only technology will enable a real transformation in the sector.”

everyLIFE Technologies, which is helping to revolutionise efficiency in care services with its PASSsystem software that is accessible on smartphones and tablets, found that the biggest concern about today’s formal care provision is a lack of time being spent with those receiving care (49%).

What’s more, seven in ten adults believe that it is not sufficient that – currently – care notes and medical records are often only reviewed by homecare managers after 30 days.

A fifth of adults have close relatives who are currently receiving formal care. Yet of these, two thirds (66%) believe that the quality of the care received needs to be improved.