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Tameside Resident Makes Leaps And Bounds In Her Incredible Walking Recovery

A Resident at HC-One’s Millbrook care home in Stalybridge is making tremendous steps in her recovery after an accident left her unable to walk as well as she previously could.

Sheila came to the home in July last year after an unfortunate accident back at home. She no longer had the same movement and strength in her legs as she previously had and would be assisted by Colleagues using a wheelchair when roaming around the home.

Since then, Sheila has made incredible progress and is now up and about without her wheelchair. She now walks from room-to-room in the home with just a walker and without the need for any help from Colleagues.

Sheila has been taking part in regular exercise classes with Millbrook Wellbeing Coordinator, Gavin, and has been continually encouraged and cheered on by Residents and Colleagues alike.

Sheila said: “I’m finding it easier every day and my confidence keeps on growing.”

Although Sheila still has her wheelchair at hand in case she needs a rest, she very rarely uses it anymore and is making incredible leaps and bounds in her leg movement and walking ability.

She is feeling much more confident than when she first arrived at the home and, with more exercise, will soon be able to walk even further and for longer periods of time. The exercise classes are a great way for Sheila to maintain movement and ensure that she feels strong and independent.

Millbrook Home Manager, Andrew Bradley, commented: “Sheila is doing extremely well. It’s heart-warming to see her smile and have a different perspective and outlook.

“Great things can be achieved when we put the Residents at the forefront of everything we do. Well done, Sheila!”