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Sweyne Court receive a letter from HRH the Prince of Wales

A special letter recently arrived at Sweyne Court Care Home from His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales.

This letter was in response to a letter Derek, a man who lived at the home, had sent to the Prince back in November 2021. Derek served in the Royal Navy alongside Prince Phillip, so he wanted to ask how he was getting on and tell his story, from one comrade to another.

In his letter, Derek stated how his duties mainly involved rescuing soldiers from burning planes that landed on the aircraft carrier. The courage that this took says everything about Derek’s character – a resilient man who didn’t shy away in the face of Danger. Derek had lots of similar stories to tell from his time in the navy and everyone living and working at Sweyne Court were always captivated by his life experiences.

Unfortunately, before Derek could read the reply from HRH The Prince of Wales, he sadly passed away, but upon delivery at the home, the team got in touch with his wife to say a response had arrived. Although sad that her husband was not able to see this letter for himself, she was delighted to know the Prince and his team had read Derek’s letter and taken the time to share their gratitude for his service in a response.