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Surrey Care Home Residents Pay Homage To Titanic Hero

Picture 1 – Residents from RMBI Care Co. Home Shannon Court, in Hindhead at the Memorial Park, in Godalming.

Picture 2: John George Philips in 1912, shortly after he embarked on the RMS Titanic.

Residents at RMBI Care Co. Home Shannon Court, in Hindhead, recently visited the Philips Memorial Park, in Godalming. Accompanied by Leah and Kata, the Home’s Activities Coordinators, they visited the park’s memorial cloister. It was built in memory of John George Philips, the chief telegraphist on the Titanic, which sank on 14 April 1912.

Philip’s last message was picked up by another ship at 2.17 am that night, and the Titanic foundered at 2.20 am. Philip’s heroism and devotion to duty reduced the magnitude of the disaster regarding the amount of lives lost.

The residents, who paid their respect, were moved by Philip’s persistence and bravery. They all reflected on the fact that he lived so close to where Shannon Court stands today. “This is also a trip down memory lane for me,” said resident Joy, who was born and raised in Godalming until she moved to Shannon Court.

As always, resident Daphne took her iPad with her for this trip. She loves taking photos of her surroundings, as well as selfies with other residents and staff. “Modern technology is amazing,” she said. “I feel so lucky to be able to use it!”

Spending time in nature can have many benefits for older people. Moderate exposure to sunlight help their bodies make vitamin D, which helps boost the immune system. Residents with breathing difficulties may also feel more comfortable in the countryside, as it’s easier for their lungs to absorb oxygen when surrounded by plants.

The benefits for their mental health are also obvious. “These trips always spark some reminiscing,” says Kata Beauchemin, one of Shannon Court’s Activities Coordinators. “It helps the residents bring back memories from their day trips when they were younger, which is fantastic for their mental health.” Furthermore, out-of-home activities allow residents to have a presence in their local communities. Thanks to these initiatives, they are able to remain independent which has a positive impact on their wellbeing.

Leah Oliver, one of the Activities Coordinators, said: “We all have such a nice time going out! Kata and I really do have the best jobs. We are so lucky we get to create all these special memories with our wonderful residents at Shannon Court.”











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