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Surrey Care Home Residents And Staff Raise A Toast To Friendship

Caption: Resident Peter Elliott and Deputy Home Manager Ronnie Feszecsko toast each other’s health over a nice afternoon meal at RMBI Care Co. Home Shannon Court, in Hindhead.

Sharing a fine meal gives people an opportunity for meaningful interactions and quality time. That is why residents at RMBI Care Co. Home Shannon Court have started having lunches with the care home’s management team.

Both the Business Manager and the Deputy Home Manager have been invited to attend weekly lunches across the several house groups of this Home in Hindhead, Surrey. While the management team are readily available throughout the Home on a daily basis, this gives them a one-to-one experience to listen to each resident and their needs.

“I have been looking forward to this all day!” says resident Peter Elliott. He asked one of the carers to help him lay the table in Langton lounge before his meal with Deputy Home Manager Ronnie Feszecsko, who was excited to meet him.

“This is a great example of our values and vision for Shannon Court,” says Leah Oliver, one of the Home’s Activities Coordinators. “It gives residents a moral lift, enables them to air any views or requests they may have in an informal atmosphere, and allows them to feel special and enjoy each other’s company.”

Residents are encouraged to have these meals arranged, either for individual visits or group lunches.