Sunrise Of Westbourne Resident’s Dream Comes True As He Plays His Favourite Music On The Compton Organ

96-year-old Sunrise of Westbourne resident, Robert Tarrant, had his dream become a reality when the care home arranged a trip to play a Compton Organ.

Sunrise of Westbourne, rated Outstanding by the CQC, runs an ‘Anticipation Club’, encouraging residents to try a new skill or hobby.  Robert’s wish was to play a Compton Organ and luckily, one of the remaining few Compton Organs in the country was located in Bournemouth.

The care home organised for Robert to attend a special Compton Organ performance by accomplished organist, Byron Jones. Activities and Volunteer Coordinator Kim Newton contacted Byron and he was happy to include some of Robert’s favourite songs in his performance.

After the recital, Robert was overjoyed when he got the opportunity to play the Compton Organ. Robert has played the piano since he was 6 years old, and in his early 20s his mother helped to pay for his organ lessons. 75 years on he is still a passionate and skilled organist.

Robert wrote a thank you letter to Sunrise of Westbourne’s Senior Director of Community Relations, Wendy Blow. Pictured below, it reads:

“I am writing to express my very warmest thanks for all the arrangements and care that was shown in arranging to take me to the Pavilion today to hear the organ recital and later to be right by it and put my fingers on the keys.

“A wonderful experience I shall never forget.

“The gentleman at the Pavilion was most helpful and answered all my questions, please see he is thanked.

“Such arrangements do much to enhance the purpose of this excellent home. It is a place of happiness and contentment.”

Wendy Blow, Senior Director of Community Relations at Sunrise of Westbourne, added:

“Robert was so grateful to the team at Sunrise of Westbourne for making his dream a reality. It was our pleasure to organise such a special evening for him. We always aspire to help our residents make lovely new memories and maintain different passions, interests and hobbies, it is so wonderful to see!”













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