Sunrise Of Virginia Water Care Home Resident Celebrates 23rd Birthday

Pamela Miller has been a resident at Sunrise of Virginia Water since 2013. Pamela recently turned 92 years old, however as her birthday falls on 29th February, this is only the 23rd birthday she has celebrated on the actual day she was born.

Pamela’s family celebrate her birthday every year, however, team members at Sunrise of Virginia Water knew that this year it was going to be very special given 2020 is a leap year. The team organised a lovely birthday celebration, and the in-house dining team prepared a personalised birthday cake in the shape of the number 23. The lounge was specially decorated with pink and white balloons, and everyone loved the delicious snacks that were also freshly made by Sunrise of Virginia Water’s dedicated chefs.

Many of the residents and staff at Sunrise of Virginia Water gathered to enjoy Pamela’s birthday. As they all had delicious cocktails and prosecco, Pamela said:

“My birthday celebration was amazing and it was such a fantastic evening. I wish I had a birthday every year not just every four years.

“I wish I felt like a 23-year-old, unfortunately, I no longer have the energy of someone who is 23.”

Pamela looks back fondly on memories of her earlier years, as she used to love hosting huge dinner parties with over 50 guests, and she even competed in line dancing competitions. Pamela also catered for the Royal Ladies at Sunningdale Ladies golf club, including for the Queen Mother’s centenary.

Before Pamela moved to live at Sunrise of Virginia Water, she was in the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service, and ran the kitchen at Bagshot. Pamela would regularly cook meals for everyone she knew and loved to invite children with disabilities and their carers to her house. She would cook them meals and allow them to use her swimming pool and tennis courts.

Samantha Wells, Activities and Volunteer Coordinator at Sunrise of Virginia Water, said:

“What a lovely celebration for Sunrise of Virginia Water’s youngest resident. Pamela’s 23rd birthday was great! We all had such a fun time and were delighted to host such a lovely celebration for her. All the staff at Sunrise of Virginia Water are honoured we can make lovely occasions like this so special for the residents.”













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