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Steam Train Engineer At Carterton Home Goes On Trip Down Memory Lane

A former steam train engineer living at a Carterton home went on a trip down memory lane as part of his Seize the Day experience.

Leonard Duke lives at MHA The Homestead and used to work as a steam train engineer and driver in his younger days.

This is something he often refers to so staff at the home decided to surprise him and took him to STEAM – Museum of the Great Western Railway in Swindon.

The Seize the Day initiative encourages residents to re-experience activities or events from the past or to do something they would like to do for the first time.

Prior to moving into the home Leonard used to live near Swindon and whilst travelling to the museum he recognised several places.

He was accompanied to the museum by activity coordinators Kirsty Ridley and Chloe Holmes.

Speaking after the visit Kirsty said:
“Leonard talks a lot about his time as a steam engineer and driver and we always wanted to surprise him with a visit to a museum.

“We found the museum in Swindon which is just under an hour away and what made the journey even better was how much knowledge Leonard had of the area.

“When we arrived, he was immediately impressed and kept saying he couldn’t believe where he was.

“His eyes lit up when he saw the model trains and it was lovely to spend the day with him

“We made him a memory book with all his pictures from the day as a nice reminder.

“He has been talking about his trip ever since we have been back, and I am so happy for him.”