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Springtime Joy As Newborn Lambs Delight Residents At Dorset Care Home

A Dorset care home waitress served up a special springtime treat for her residents, a delegation of visiting lambs just a few days old.

Donna Peck, who works at Colten Care’s Castle View in Poundbury, is from a farming family and knew for sure how much residents at the home would appreciate meeting the newborns.

She and her daughter Phoebe brought along six lambs aged five to 12 days, delighting residents in the lounge and, with permission, individual bedrooms.

For David Gale, cradling little Nugget in his arms brought back memories of his own farming career.

“It was lovely,” he said. “It took me right back to working on the farm.”

Donna also carried visitor Spot to greet fellow resident Ian Gibson in his own bedroom.

Companionship Team member Sue Goodwin said: “Residents at Castle View really enjoy anything pet-related and the more hands-on, the better.

“The look of pure joy on their faces as they met the spring lambs was brilliant.

“These particular lambs are being cared for as the mother ewes had triplets and so they can only be fed for a few days before the stronger siblings nudge the smallest away.

“Donna and her family of farmers take turns to feed them around the clock. They feed with ewe’s milk supplement, using a shepherdess’s trolley with teats and an allocated amount of milk so as not to over feed causing bloating which is harmful.

“The weaning process is important.  The teat feeding continues for the first month, then they feed on little grass pellets before being set free in the fields of freedom to rejoin the flock.

“Donna has 30 such lambs. Alongside Nugget and Spot, there is even one who bears the name Sue, much to my delight.”











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