Spearhead Launch Generic COSHH Training Video For Care Homes

Care sector supplier Spearhead have launched a free COSHH training video for care home staff that can’t attend any in-depth COSHH training due to the lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures.

Spearhead have produced the video and make it available to all care homes for free in recognition for the need for efficient infection control procedures which are essential to ensure that care homes deal with infection outbreaks the best possible way.

Spokesperson said “Now more than ever, the correct and safe use of chemicals is essential to contain infection outbreaks in care homes; The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) training is paramount to inform and educate care home staff of the best practices to adopt when using chemicals of any kind. However, due to the current lockdown situation and social distancing measures across the country, many care homes are shielding their residents and limiting interactions with the outside world. As a result, many may struggle to get in-depth COSHH training for their staff.”

“To ensure that care homes stay safe by employing best infection control practices, Spearhead has developed a generic COSHH training video to assist care homes that can’t provide more in-depth training at this time. Many areas of COSHH are treated in the video, such as precautions and advice, health and corrosive hazards however, this should not be used as a permanent solution & has been designed to be used when normal training is not possible.”















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