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Shropshire Care Home Makes Residents Dream Come True

Resident, Molly Rogers at 103 years young was so excited to see the sea as the convoy of cars from Field House care home in Church Stretton headed to the beautiful seaside town of Barmouth in Wales.

Barmouth, with its stunning views of the Snowdonia Mountains, sandy beaches, and a historic harbour reminded Molly of growing up in Canada where she lived by the coast and would take family holidays to the beach.

Fellow resident day trippers; Peter Lewer and Peter Sagar loved the arcades with all the music and flashing lights whilst Molly enjoyed checking every machine pocket for coins ….just in case!

With fish, chips and mushy peas on the seafront and an impromptu rendition of ‘I do like to be beside the seaside, beside the sea’ the memories of family holidays and trips to the local fun fair came to mind.

The smell of candy floss and the taste of ice cream made it a perfect day for a stroll along Barmouth’s harbour and beach to watch the visiting children play, and take donkey rides. This happy band of residents had a fun-packed day bringing plenty of souvenir rock and sugar dummies back for the other residents and staff at Field House to enjoy.

Paula Wiggan, General Manager at the home, said: “We want everyone we care for to know how important they are to us here at Field House. It was so nice to see how happy the trip to Barmouth made Molly and her fellow day trippers. I can’t thank the Field House team and volunteers enough for making this happen – we’ll definitely be planning more ‘dreams come true’ moments throughout the year.”





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