Several Care Homes in the Runwood Homes Group Receive Silver Medal for Essex County Council’s Deconditioning Games

The Grange, Eastham and Humfrey Lodge, all part of the Runwood Homes Group, are thrilled to have received their silver medals for the NHS and Essex County Council’s Deconditioning Games.

The Deconditioning Games aims to help prevent deconditioning and raise awareness. Deconditioning is the loss of physical, psychological and functional capacity due to inactivity, and is associated with the loss of muscle mass, increased risk of falls and reduced independence.

The homes signed up to this wonderful initiative were given pedometers to see how many steps residents and staff can clock up to encourage more movement. It has been amazing to see the creative ways homes are taking part.

Lesley Cruickshank, Provider Quality Innovation Manager, at ECC, submitted The Grange, Eastham and Humfrey Lodge to receive their medals, for their innovative efforts to get their residents involved in the initiative and evidencing that these efforts have made a real, positive difference for residents.

Eastham residents used their pedometers for their charity walkathon, which involved a virtual walk across their local town, from Lands End to John O’ Groats. The virtual walkathon was organised to raise money for Homeless Veterans UK and will see those involved completing almost 2.5million steps over a 60-day period, which started on the 10th of January.

The Grange team were nominated to receive their silver medal for their virtual walk to Southend Seafront. Looking at their map, residents at The Grange worked out that a walk to Southend seafront would amount to a very impressive 27,024 steps. So, each day, the residents at The Grange are walking as much as they can to reach their goal. Once complete, The Grange team will celebrate their achievement by going to tea at Southend Seafront by minibus. This way they will be able to put into perspective just how far they have walked.

Now, homes will aim for their gold medal, where they are requested to evidence that the changes they have made are embedded into all aspects of the home, that the project is rolled out to other areas, and that they have been shared with other organisations.













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