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Say Hello to the Carer’s Latest Unsung Hero…

We here at the CARER are thrilled to announce that Tony Postiglione, a support worker at Meadowview Nursing Home in Calow Chesterfield is our latest Unsung Hero!

Again we had a phenomenal response to our unsung hero award, a small gesture on our part to award somebody within the residential and nursing care environment who has gone that extra mile and deserves a better recognition !

Deserved winner Tony has combined role as a support worker with entertainments and has been dubbed by colleagues as the “karaoke king”
During these past years, and particularly during the pandemic, Tony has faced an extremely challenging personal health battle but has insisted on coming to work carrying on his duties, stepping in and covering shifts due to staff illness and shortages, and taking on the role of mentoring younger people entering the sector for the first time.

Tony was nominated by Meadowview Nursing Home registered manager Gillian Kent who said:

“Tony is one of the most dedicated, committed and selfless people I have ever had the honour to work alongside “

“Throughout all of his treatment (due to his serious illness) health issues good times and bad he has insisted on coming to work, battling on and providing our service users with not only first-class care but ours of entertainment as our Karaoke king.”

“He honestly never stops”.

“Despite his health issues we see the pleasure he gets in knowing that he can raise the spirits of all of our service users and the moods of his co-workers.”

“He always steps and volunteers to work extra hours when are short of staff.”

“Tony has been a great role model for the young lads who come into care, we love it when he mentors our new staff as they all share his relentless work ethic, love of their careers and his ability to bring a joyous atmosphere to the gloomiest of days.”

“We all are in complete agreement that he is our outstanding unsung hero.”

“When we presented Tony with his wonderful prize, he was absolutely thrilled and for once, lost for words.

“This was short lived as he soon burst into song, and we shared a bit of an ad hoc version of Vera Lynne’s ‘White cliffs of Dover’.

We here at The Carer are delighted to award worthy winner Tony a luxury “celebration” hamper packed full of all those delightful luxury extras that make any celebration a truly memorable occasion!

It always has become increasingly more difficult over the years to pick an overall winner, and we are delighted to add some Marks & Spencer vouchers as “unofficial” runner-up prizes.

Susan Clark from Claremont House Dumfries
Jane Smith of Cann House Care Home Plymouth
Annesta Horrocks from Edensor Care Essex

We are also delighted to include Ruby & Katie, Two 14-year-old girls who volunteer at Frenchay & Crossley House nursing home in Bristol.

“They come during school holidays and weekends, they work in our kitchens washing up and making tea for our residents, they also do activities with our residents, sit and chat to them and find out interesting things about their lives, this is not only amazing for our residents well being but it also helps my staff team learn new things about our residents”! Says registered manager Karin Brownlie.

So, two gift vouchers are also off in the post to Ruby and Katie – well done!

In fact, well done to you all!!!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who put forward nominations we had a wonderful response, it may sound tired old cliché, but it is not meant to be, when we say, that in our eyes “every nomination was a winner” and we are just sorry we cannot give an award to everybody!

Watch out for further details of our next “Unsung Hero” with the same great prize of a luxury celebration hamper!