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Runwood Homes Launches November Theme for its Effective Dignity and Wellbeing Campaign

Each month, homes across the Runwood Homes Group pay particular attention to one aspect of dignity and wellbeing, as part of the organisations’ dignity campaign. Runwood Homes’ Dignity Campaign aims to ensure that both residents and staff can enjoy an effective, whole-team approach to wellbeing.

Paul Gaskell, Runwood Homes’ Director of Wellbeing and Dementia Services, spearheads the effective and invaluable campaign, and supports those within the homes to bring each month’s theme to life, with residents’ wellbeing always front of mind.

The overarching theme for this year’s Dignity Campaign is ‘Living Together, Working Together’, and is all about residents and staff remaining united, living and working together as one and building on meaningful connections.

The November theme for Wellbeing and Dignity is Arts and Crafts and focuses on people who live and work in the home getting creative together. The idea this month is to connect people through individual and collective creativity, promote and celebrate the uniqueness of each person and help residents to brighten up their home with their own personal and meaningful creations.

The campaign sees much success every year and is a true reflection of Runwood Homes’ efforts to always put residents’ wellbeing first, helping them to build lasting relationships with staff and support them in finding their place within the home to promote a sense of true belonging.