Residents Enjoy Special Banquet To Celebrate British Food Fortnight

HC046 Residents enjoying the three-course mealThe Beeches Care Home Serves Up Culinary Classics To Honour UK’s Food Heritage.

Residents and staff at The Beeches Care Home in Stockton-on-Tees celebrated British Food Fortnight by holding a mouth-watering banquet of traditional foods from the UK.

On Thursday 2nd October the care home’s dining hall was decorated with British flags to help everyone get into the spirit of the fortnight as a mouth-watering three-course meal was served.

Residents enjoyed fresh tomato soup to start, followed by a wholesome beef cobbler, and ending with another traditional favourite for dessert, a jam roly poly.

British Food Fortnight is an annual event that takes place each year to rekindle the custom of celebrating British food and the harvest across the nation. This year it ran from Saturday 20th September to Sunday 5th October.

Shannon Burton, Activities Co-ordinator at The Beeches, said: “This was a fantastic opportunity for residents to enjoy some of the classic dishes that Britain has to offer.

“There was a great atmosphere as everyone savoured a very traditional and tasty banquet, especially as it led to a discussion amongst the residents of the foods that they grew up with and enjoyed as children. The event triggered a lot of full tummies as well as happy memories for everyone involved.”


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