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Residents At Wilsmere House Get Out The Stars And Stripes For American Independence Day

Staff and residents at Wilsmere House got the flags out and celebrated American Independence Day in style by hosting a ranch inspired party with line dancing and cowboy hats on the 4th of July.

Many residents have visited America and some have family living there so American Independence Day was a great excuse to reminisce about previous trips and go on virtual tours to favourite places such as New York, the Grand Canyon and San Francisco. Residents enjoyed movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood as well as dancing to playlists including American greats such as Buddy Holly, Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra.

Baseballs, baseball mitts and American footballs inspired some hand-eye coordination games. Head chef enjoyed cooking up a feast of hotdogs, hamburgers and thick malt milkshakes.

Lili Cocue General Manager at Wilsmere said: “Independence Day is always full of big flavours and a chance for us to celebrate all things American. We’ve had fun listening to the Beach Boys and Elvis, as well as a bit of Country and Western.”

Residents commented: “I’ve always loved visiting the States and having a go at line dancing again today brought back such great memories of my trips there. It has been so much fun watching the rat pack films, I love those old movies.”