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Residents At Brook House Care Home Say A Massive Thank You To Postcards Of Kindness Members

When the residents at Brook House were discussing the upcoming of Volunteer Week they automatically thought of Postcards of Kindness and wanted to say a Massive Thank You to them.

Postcards of Kindness is an initiative that asks people to write and send postcards to residents of care homes. While it’s a small gesture, the resulting deliveries bring a great deal of joy and spark lively conversations among the older people who receive them. Postcards of Kindness was created on March 13th 2019 and has 45.3k followers.

Residents at Brook House have had so much enjoyment receiving postcards from the many volunteers that spend their time writing to hundreds of care homes. With it being volunteer’s week, they wanted to give back to thank them all. It was decided to make a massive postcard to everyone at Postcards of Kindness to show them how much they are appreciated for their kindness, especially during the pandemic.

Jade, Lifestyle Coordinator made a massive blank postcard from cardboard and red paper.

With the sun shining residents gathered around the garden tables and got to work on the postcards. They had a huge amount of resources of stickers, lace, and decorative paper to create their postcards.

Connie said, “everyone had worked really hard and the finished postcard is outstanding.”

Marina said, “If we were being paid peace work Connie would come out on top.”

Alan laughed saying it’s much too bit to put in the post which made everyone chuckle.

While outside a plane kept flying over and Connie said, “the piolet keeps flying over to see what we are up to. He would be very welcome to come and see our work.”

The card will be posted on the Postcard of Kindness Facebook page for all their members to see.

















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